The acquit evolution of technology in industrial automation requires the healthier and exact integration of devices on he shop floor of the plants and rest of the enterprise. To ensure data integrity compliance and process requirement this integration needs a secure IT infrastructure, smart appliances/devices for efficient data collection, and capability of turning data in to actionable information.

We integrate the control and information across the organisation in such a way that enables our clients to renovate their operations by connecting site, plant, facility and people. We deliver industrial automation services and control through a range of control systems, motor control and smart devices available. The perfect combination of these three portfolios are built and designed to help our clients build the most efficient automation system to meet their operational needs.

To start building connected enterprise, seamless integration of automation and control system is required rather than collecting individual products. We have evolved our services products and software to help businesses bridge the gap between enterprise system and machinery level system which helps our clients in improved decision making.

We help you deliver the most desired and effective results with our future-proof, scalable, contemporary technologies based solution that lead to a real time, secure infrastructure. We provide 21 CFR, EU, regulatory compliant solutions.

"We research, we implement; we help you work freely; We are Havcom – focussing Cyber Security"


Be it a technology or a process to work, training is the most important part in both. Until the resources are trained and aware enough to work, the efficiency and compliance issue always exist. We help clients overcome such problems. We train their resources and key personnel on “what”, “Why” and “How” of cyber security so as to ensure data integrity and cyber strength.

We learn, we train, we help businesses being aware, We are HAVCOM – preparing for cyber security.


Cyber Security is not just an idea rather a practical blend of technological and procedural controls which are to be implemented correctly for desired protection over internet. Implementation of such policies that ensure cyber security is one of our prime focuses. Our Cyber team is well trained and innovative to think all possible ways of security breaches and help protecting our clients from the fear of cyber attacks.

We innovate, we execute; we help businesses being fearless, We are HAVCOM – implementing cyber security.


Confidential information, process parameters, process results, financial information and a lot may be used by businesses for their own processes. What if, all these are shared over internet? Most surprisingly if the same information is being used by some known or unknown source(s) which is/are not authorized to, what will happen? The best solution to such critical problems is Cyber Security.

We watch, we identify; we help businesses maintain data integrity, We are HAVCOM – ensuring cyber security.