“Digital India is the dawn of new era in the world. The brains hailed from mathematical roots, medical operations and Ayurvedic healing are all set to innovate and renovate the digital structure of the world. We are contributing our bit to empower the idea and provide the platform to the budding technocrats.”
- Chief Executive Officer, Havcom Technologies

Journey of Havcom Technologies so far has been persistent and tagged with various achievements. Havcom Technologies is sequent with all ups and downs in the long journey and at the same time, is confident of moving ahead and climbing higher heights. Over the years, Havcom Technologies has conscientiously set high corporate standards by providing sustainable, world-class solutions and services.

Havcom Technologies is a century old new organization leading as a services company that covers the entire expansion of technology solutions and services including application development, technology distribution, computer system validation (CSV), Pharma Regulatory compliance services.

Havcom Technologies helps global enterprises reinvent their businesses for the digital era. Through innovative and effective solutions built around Digital, Automation Compliant, Cybersecurity, Validation, Data Integrity and Risk Assessment, amongst others, Havcom Technologies solves complex business problems for clients.

Havcom Technologies is a 'next-generation' technology and compliance partner, driven by a unique combination THINK-DELIVER-EXCEL strategy that acts as a roadmap as well as a powerful model for quality services in this age of competition.


The visionary and transformative solutions based on technology create dynamic, interesting and significant relationship between people and digital world. The concept of digital India undoubtedly is an effective step towards making day-to-day operations efficient and accurate. Our objective is to develop and implement new technology-based solutions to drive change on daily operations and thereby facilitating improved productivity, experience and competence towards growth.


The world of healthcare is experiencing most promising phase and indeed the critical phase as well. The quality, efficacy, strength and efficiency of medicines and biotech solutions are of prime importance as they all have direct impact on human and animal life. The regulatory authorities are concerned about quality, consistency and data integrity due to their irrecoverable effects on compromise. Our objective is to assist the businesses in meeting regulatory requirements.


The dynamic and restless world is on the verge of jumping to the next level of achievements. Focussed operations, minimal scope of deviations and the glee to achieve goals demand the perfect knowledge so as to be a step ahead in the race where even a single step is proven to be an advantage. Our objective is to provide effective, efficient and experienced solutions to the businesses in order to understand and withstand need of the hour in this most competitive phase of 21st century.