Software, Process and Data Management

The dynamic and restless world is on the verge of jumping to the next level of achievements. Focussed operations, minimal scope of deviations and the glee to achieve goals demand the perfect knowledge so as to be a step ahead in the race where even a single step is proven to be an advantage. Our objective is to provide effective, efficient and experienced solutions to the businesses in order to understand and withstand need of the hour in this most competitive phase of 21st century.

As the regulatory authorities increases regulatory enforcement of 21 CFR 11 and other regulations, one of the most challenging things for many organizations is to know what their computer systems and machines must be in compliance with. Havcom Technologies can quickly assess all of your computer systems, software and databases to identify which issues require more attention to comply. While there are numerous excellent and compliant programs available globally, you always need software designed to meet your exact needs. We create an easy to use, custom software to meet your exact requirements, provide necessary training and support. Along with this we discuss and help you out with our experience in the sector to select the best software program for you.

The highly experienced team of Havcom Technologies provide the technical expertise and project management capabilities needed for successful qualification. The proven methodologies followed by Team Havcom ensure successful project execution by employing industry latest and best practices. It reduces time, minimizes risk, and ensures that our services are provided to meet your needs.

Havcom Technologies knows that the hardest part of creating a useful SOP is balancing the responsibilities that different groups will have to accept from the new procedure. One of the key parts of our process is that Havcom Technologies will bring the critical people together and facilitate a discussion on creating a workable process that meets the appropriate regulations. We offer workable solutions that will balance different needs within your organization for efficient workability and compliance. This discussion will ensure that management understands why they have the practices they do, so they can effectively train and enforce the new procedures.

Data management with respect to its categorization, classification and security; is a complex, heavily-regulated process that even the largest organizations have difficulty navigating. Havcom Technologies can validate and improve your current data management systems or provide turn-key in-house or client-site solutions for many required data management processes.

"We understand, we implement; we help you choose the best; We are Havcom – Consulting for betterment"


As the regulators increases regulatory enforcement, one of the most difficult things for many companies is to know what their computer systems require to be in compliance. Havcom Technologies can quickly assess all of your computer systems, software and databases to identify what issues need to be addressed for compliance.

At Havcom Technologies, we work to add value to our clients’ business. We can help you with all phases of auditing and ensure that you get the most reward out of this valuable service. Our Team members have worked with large and small companies, in all aspects of regulated fields.


Quality risk management (QRM) is a process that is relevant to all countries and should provide a rationale to understand risk and mitigate it through appropriate and robust controls.

We at Havcom Technologies intend to assist our clients in development and implementation of effective Risk Management. For us, Risk Management is the overall and continuing process of appropriately managing risks to product, Data, Facility and Processes in order to optimize their benefit–Risk Balance. It is a systematic process for the assessment, control, communication and review of associated risks.


Data Management is complexier than just knowing where your data is stored and who has access. All data whether electronic or on paper, should be attributable, legible, contemporaneous, original and accurate (ALCOA). We at Havcom Technologies assist you in implementing effective strategies to manage data risks based upon processes, technologies, and business models.

We begin with an in-depth assessment for your data. We focus on the completeness, consistency, and accuracy of data collected, maintained, analyzed, and/or reported by your computer systems.