Cyber Security

Today's world is living a technological life where; not only humans but, also the machines are using internet for communication. This era of technology, hasten operations and over occupancy of work, needs everything in the quickest way possible hence, the discovery of IoT (Internet of Things) took place. Today every information and data be it professional or personal; is accessible over internet that may lead to its extreme misuse. There are various recent scenarios when the internet was used for attacking industries, society, countries. In such an insecure environment where anything can be done by misusing data, privacy and critical information by some bad elements in the world, we all need to be aware and secure.

Cyber security is surely going to be the biggest challenge to the world in near future. We all must be prepared for such a critical security breach; technologically, physically and psychologically. We at Havcom, ensure the best policies to withstand need of the hour in terms of being secure and strengthen to avoid hassles due to Cyber Attacks.

Team Havcom is well trained in providing solutions to such sensitive and critical problems related to cyber security. Digital India has proceeded towards the digital era which will setup a milestone in the world. Supporting this initiative; we at Havcom, have researched and developed the policies to make ourselves ready with cyber security to make our clients' work without the fear of being compromised with data integrity.

Cyber security includes various technological, procedural and operational controls to ensure the data integrity or data security policies. Havcom provides full proof solutions for cyber security to ensure the "zero effect" on regular operations of our clients locally and globally.

"We research, we implement; we help you work freely; We are Havcom – focussing Cyber Security"


Be it a technology or a process to work, training is the most important part in both. Until the resources are trained and aware enough to work, the efficiency and compliance issue always exist. We help clients overcome such problems. We train their resources and key personnel on “what”, “Why” and “How” of cyber security so as to ensure data integrity and cyber strength.

We learn, we train, we help businesses being aware, We are HAVCOM – preparing for cyber security.


Cyber Security is not just an idea rather a practical blend of technological and procedural controls which are to be implemented correctly for desired protection over internet. Implementation of such policies that ensure cyber security is one of our prime focuses. Our Cyber team is well trained and innovative to think all possible ways of security breaches and help protecting our clients from the fear of cyber attacks.

We innovate, we execute; we help businesses being fearless, We are HAVCOM – implementing cyber security.


Confidential information, process parameters, process results, financial information and a lot may be used by businesses for their own processes. What if, all these are shared over internet? Most surprisingly if the same information is being used by some known or unknown source(s) which is/are not authorized to, what will happen? The best solution to such critical problems is Cyber Security.

We watch, we identify; we help businesses maintain data integrity, We are HAVCOM – ensuring cyber security.