Havcom Democracy

“An Empowered Employee Is A Productive Employee.”

We, at Havcom, are focussed on the empowerment of our people so as to provide them a platform specially made for them to work. At Havcom, every individual work in a free environment and is empowered with the authority to decide what is best for their work the most. Every team member here has authority to take decisions with complete responsibility for the same. Havcom Technologies provides its team a democratic atmosphere with the rights to keep them more attached to their work. Havcom Democracy entitles every Havcomite to have:

Freedom To Communicate Freely

Havcom Technologies being a progressive organization, maintain open lines of communication. Through this, every team member knows the exact direction where the organization is headed. Havcom has suitable communication mechanism in place to capture the right ideas.

Freedom To Exercise Equal Privileges

Havcom Technologies keeps no differentiation and discrimination. We all use same stairs and cafeteria. In Havcom, people get an equal opportunity to co-exist on a single platform of diversified business.

Freedom To Choose A Preferred Training Program

Havcom Technologies assists its employees by giving them the freedom to choose a training program. These training programs prepare employees to effectively manage goals, innovate and work towards more effective decision-making.

Freedom To Innovate

Havcom Technologies is encouraging its employees to push the envelope for research, innovation and development by providing its employees, latitude to define their goals and decisions. Havcom is making the environment conductive to new and industry-relevant ideas.

Freedom To Choose Leadership Style

Havcom Technologies uses both participative and directive modes of leadership to enable democracy in the organization. It is vital to encourage a situational leadership style to stay abreast of the dynamic corporate changes.

Freedom To Share Feedback

Havcom Technologies knows its employees well in order to use their hidden talents. This hidden talent helps us to maximize achievement of the organization's business goals through a well-functioning feedback system.

Freedom To Pick One's Own KRAs

Havcom Technologies allows its employees to be actively involved in the process of setting their own KRAs and goals. Such work culture fosters an environment where employees feel responsible and invested towards the organization. It also ensures that every employee understands expectations of the organization and agrees on delivering them.

Freedom To Contribute To Change

We ensure the key influencers are always on-board for critical decisions, so that they are well-equipped to drive these at the grassroot level.