Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an on demand service for computer power, applications, database storage and other information technology resources through a platform via internet on a fully customised pricing package as per businesses’ requirements; such services are called cloud services.

Our cloud services platform helps our clients in getting rapid access to low cost and flexible IT resources in order to run applications that are used to share photos to numerous mobile users or to support the sensitive operations of their business. With our cloud computing services we lessen the burden of our clients making large upfront investments in hardware and spending a lot of time on the hectic jobs of managing that hardware. Instead with this our clients avail the facility of selecting right size and type of computing resources they need to power their latest innovative idea or operate their IT department. In our cloud computing services we facilitate our clients to access as many resources as they need, instantaneously, and only pay for what they use.

At Havcom, we provide a simple way to access storage, servers, databases and a huge set of application services over the internet through our cloud computing services. To ensure data integrity of our clients we maintain the network-connected hardware required for their application services.

We provide three different types of cloud computing services that are refer to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Software as a Service(SaaS). The selection of right type of our cloud computing services for your needs surely helps you striking the right balance of control and avoiding undifferentiated heavy lifting.

“We calculate, we provide, be help businesses reducing cost We are Havcom – Integrated cloud services ”


Havcom web services offer cloud web hosting solutions that provide businesses government organisation NGOs and other institutions with cost effective ways to host their websites and web applications. We offer a broad range of web hosting options be it for marketing, ecommerce or rich-media, and we help you choose the one that suits and is right for you.

  • Broad CMS and development platform support
  • Data centres
  • Dynamic bandwidth management
  • Cost effective Models


When you run a business online, security of data is our top priority. Havcom cloud computing services provide a broad array of customised ecommerce developed and hosted as per our clients’ requirements. Our services make it easier for our clients to plan and start their business online and executing securely and hassle-free. The platforms we can host are Magento, Opencart, PHP Framework/Core PHP and more.

  • Faster time top market
  • Secured platform
  • Quickly excisable
  • Flexible hosting space


We provide a broad range of cloud computing services to help clients develop and deploy big data analytics applications in quickest and easiest ways. We give you fast access to flexible and cost effective IT resources to help you in scaling virtually any big data application including server less computing, internet-of-Things (IoT) processing, fraud detections and data ware housing.

  • Less time consumption
  • Flexible IT infrastructure
  • Quickly accessible analytics