Irrespective of industry, today the businesses face challenges from many fronts: meeting demands in the most cost effective manner; complying with all health, environmental and safety regulations & requirements; realizing synergy goals; gaining competitive advantage through technological innovation, increasing productivity andamplifying efficiency while maintaining quality.

Information Technology can play a major role in enabling any company to meet these challenges and Havcom Technologies has comprehensive experience meeting the needs for clients from all sectors.


The continuous efforts to act timely and precisely, to make accurate decisions and high reliability data is unrelenting for modern Defence sector. Well-implemented tools help improve chain of custody, support team in the field, and provide faster turnaround times. Havcom Technologies has extensive experience with developing and applying relevant tools to support day-to-day activities in offices and understands the confidentiality behind the work.


TPharmaceutical Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Infromation Technology, Quality Control and Engineering are all areas of the life sciences where experts of Havcom Technologies have deep and broad experience. Whether validating an ERP Software, QC Analytical Software, Manufactuing Equipments, peparing High Level Documentation, Computer System Validation, Server Qualification, Data Categorization, Data Classification keeping up with regulatory changes, SMEs of Havcom Technologies can support the regulatory compliance related projects in Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals sector.


Technology driven Aviation sector needs accurate, time effective and attarctive range of solutions with quick response and round the clock operations. We take pride in maintainig such services with Speed, Efficiency, Safety and Accuracy in order to minimize the turnaround time for the airlines. Havcom Technologies assists its aviation patrons in their smooth operations without compromising on the quality of the services and the safety of the aircraft and passengers.


We help the automotive industry transform to win tomorrow’s customer by providing them completely customized solutions where they can calculate everyday's production, losses, availability of Raw Materials, production planning and all is just a few clicks distant. A powerful dashboard and reports in the software solutions provided by Havcom Technologies helps the decision makers to maintain their agility to Compete, customer-centricity and business enahcements.


We are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions, fusing technology and depth of expertise with pioneering digital innovations to enable our customers to stay ahead. We at Havcom Technologies understand supply chain efficiency is a key differentiator in most industries. While speed and accuracy are main drivers, the ability to automate and exchange important business data as it happens can quickly improve supply chain performance. With Havcom Technologies customized solutions, you will have greater control and visibility of your supply chain events. We provide solutions that become means of communication allowing businesses to trade in a more cost-efficient way, while improving transaction accuracy and speed.


The chemical industry is on the verge of profound change. Epic disruption is bringing new challenges and opportunities for those ready to grasp them. Our chemical industry patrons work across all segments of the industry, including basic and intermediate chemicals, polymers, fibers and elastomers, agricultural chemicals, paints and coatings, industrial gases, and other specialty chemicals. We combine our consulting and technology knowledge with the latest chemical industry trends to apply innovation, transformational strategies and digital enablement for growth, differentiation and superior operations.


It’s time to satisfy fluctuating consumer demands while seizing new growth opportunities in today’s integrated marketplace. With services spanning growth strategy and execution, sales and promotion management, marketing, supply chain, and intelligent enterprise enablement we help our clients achieve consumer relevance at pace and in the right scale units. From front office transformation to building an intelligent enterprise underpinned by technology and analytics, the solutions of Havcom Technologies help businesses innovate and transform.


Insurance Sector is going digital. Whether it's streamlining business processses or enabling new operating offshoots, we're helping our clients transform. This is an important turning point for the Insurance sector, and an opportunity to provide meaningful value for customers, employees and stakeholders. Havcom Technologies has the experience and broad digital expertise to help our clients cultivate agility, creating seamless digital services for customers and new income streams across the business.